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Dakota Daulby (born on October 10, 1994) is an up-and-coming Canadian actor.

Born and currently residing in Vancouver, Daulby's love for acting began from a fascination with watching movies, theaters,and local plays. Therefore, he enrolled in the Film Acting Program at the New Image College of Fine Arts.[1]

Daulby's acting career began in 2010 where he took part in four short films, including "Its Confidential," directed by Matt Leaf. A year later, Daulby starred in a TV movie called "Girl Fight" and another short film called "Who Killed Pirate?" Finally, in 2012, Daulby landed his biggest role of his acting career as he starred alongside veteran actor John Ratzenberger in the wide-release feature "The Woordcarver", directed by Terry Ingram.[2] In this movie, Daulby portrays Matthew Stevenson, a troubled boy suffering from the emotional turbulence of his parent’s divorce. In the same year, Daulby faced one of his more challenging roles as he starred in another short film called "Why Does God Hate Me?" Daluby portrays a 14-year-old boy whose best friend tries to "cure" him of being gay. This short film has been featured in Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals throughout North America.

In an interview, responding to a question, Daulby stated that “it takes dedication, sacrifice and willingness to do anything that comes your way. No role and character is too small, take it all on, but be prepared”.[3]


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