Lex Kogan

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Lex Kogan
Born Miami, Florida
Nationality American
Occupation Actor and Activist
Known for Ibogaine Researcher and Activitst

Lex Kogan is an American actor and activist. He is an advocate for ibogaine, a psychoactive drug used in the treatment of opiate addiction, PTSD, and asymptomatic depression. The drug has been used in North and South America to treat addiction.

Early Life

Lex Kogan was born in Miami and raised in Gainesville, Florida, the son of Theresa Karen Fetzko and Mario Kogan. His father was of European Argentine descent, and his mother of German, Irish and Slav ancestry.

When Kogan was seven years old, he met a woman in restraints in the waiting room of his father's office at Grant Center Hospital. Upon questioning the reason for the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, the woman laughed and replied that she didn't want to hurt anybody. This encounter sparked a lifelong interest in psychological disorders and psychoactive medication.

At nine years of age, the death of his father marked a turning point in his family life. His mother, a recovering alcoholic, relapsed into excessive alcohol abuse.[1]


In 2001, Kogan met Eric Taub a medical specialist who wanted to promote the use of ibogaine as a treatment for addiction. At the time Taub was seen as a pioneer for this type of therapy. Kogan began to work with Taub on the project, and in 2003 Taub was credited as an author for the Manual for Ibogaine Therapy. The dossier was the second revision of the document.[2]

Kogan had a lifelong interest in psychoactive drugs, and after meeting Taub he agreed to undergo a treatment with ibogaine to stop his addiction.

Following the treatment, Kogan was convinced he had been permanently altered by the ibogaine induced dream state. He even went onto hail the experience as the single most important event of his life. Within a year of the treatment, Kogan began working in the industry. Kogan continued working under Taub through the I Begin Again network, a Florida organization publicly offering offshore ibogaine treatments to Americans traveling to the Caribbean Islands.[3]

The initial work that Kogan carried out, led to the global expansion of Ibogaine Treatment Centers.[4]

In 2011, Kogan went to unite a network of Ibogaine therapy providers who now adhere to a common set of guidelines when carrying out ibogaine treatments. This work was carried out via the I Begin Again network. Under Kogan’s guidance, treatment centers are now located in The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Chile, Thailand and the Czech Republic.[3] This network that Kogan developed, led to doctors in the US raising questions about research into Ibogaine, and that many needed additional help to research the treatment further to improve its effectiveness.[5]

Kogan is also known to have treated his mother's alcoholism using ibogaine therapy. In July 2013, Kogan was interviewed in the USA herald discussing how the treatment can help those addicted to alcohol.[6]

Following Kogan’s notable rise in the treatment of addictions, he was interviewed discussing the treatment of Prescription Drug Abuse.[7]


In 2007, hoping to bring ibogaine awareness to public attention through the entertainment industry, Kogan moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and began a career in television acting.

Later that year Kogan gained the role of "Jameson" in the HBO series Sin City Diaries.[8]