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Lindsey "LindseyB OutThere" Blaufarb, (born June 27, 1980 in San Antonio, Texas) is a dance teacher, professional dancer and choreographer. She worked with artists like Pink, Avril Lavigne, Cee Lo Green and she is an original member of the "Beat Freaks",[1] "The Groovaloos" and more recently "Team iLuminate". She lives in Los Angeles, California.


Before dancing, Lindsey was an athlete and taught musical theatre. At the age of 16 she discovered Hip Hop when she saw some Bboys in a room practicing. It was like a "love at first sight" and after this she joined the group and started taking classes. At 17, she left San Antonio for Los Angeles to become a professional dancer and was admitted into the EDGE's Scholarship Programme. Her career as a professional dancer started in 2000/2001, just at the end of her studies.

Dancing career

Lindsey's career started in 2000/2001 when she was a dancer for the hard rock group Limp Bizkit during their world tour just before dancing for Christina Milian on tour and live performances on TV (Soul Train Award or TMF awards). In 2004, Lindsey was one of the principal dancers on Pink's "Try This Tour" across the US, Europe and more. Lindsey is friends with Avril Lavigne since working with her on music videos and on her "Best Damn Tour", where Lindsey was a dancer, a co-choreographer and a background singer.

As a professional dancer, Lindsey appeared in music videos like "Get the Party Started" of Pink, "I'm Really Hot" of Missy Elliott, "Girlfriend" of Avril Lavigne, "Wax On Wax Off" of Kovas, "Love Come Down" of Diddy - Dirty Money, "Somebody to Love" of Justin Bieber, "Party All Night" of Sean Kingston and others. In addition to tours and music videos, Lindsey performed live on TV with Christina Milian, Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas and The Groovaloos on "So You Think You Can Dance" in 2009, with Lindsay Lohan, Omarion and Marques Houston during The MTV Music Awards in 2004 and appeared in Hannah Montana, episode 5 season 3.

In 2003, she was one of the cheerleaders in the movie "Love Don't Cost a Thing" with Christina Milian and Nick Canon. With her crew the "Beat Freaks" she made some appearances in "You Got Served" in 2004 with Omarion and Marques Houston, and more recently in "Go For It" and "Honey 2".

Choreographer career

"Going from dancing to choreographing, it's a kind of natural progression"

Lindsey Blaufarb

Lindsey worked with Avril Lavigne as a dancer but also as a choreographer. Indeed she choreographed Avril's music video "Hot" and she was also the artistic director and the choreographer of Avril's promo tour. In 2008, Lindsey Blaufarb and Craig Hollamon were the co-choreographers of "The Best Damn Tour".

Since their meeting, Lindsey and Craig worked with artists like The Saturdays, Far East Movement and Lenka and they choreographed music videos like "One Night Stand" of Keri Hilson and Chris Brown, "Fuck You" of Cee Lo Green, "Ready to Go" of Panic At The Disco. They also choreographed commercials for Hyundai, Cedar Point and Syfy.

The Beat Freaks

The Beat Freaks is an all-female dance crew from Los Angeles, California. The crew was created in 2003 by Lindsey B OutThere (Lindsey Blaufarb), Al*Star (Alison Faulk), Maryss from Paris (Marie Courchinoux), BGirl Lady Jules (Julie Urich), LockN'Key (Keeley Kaukimoce), Rino Nakazone-Razalan and Teresa Espinosa. Individually they worked with numerous artists on tours or music videos but the consecration for the crew was in 2009 when they did the TV show America's Best Dance Crew.[2] Alison was on tour with Pink during the show so BGirl Shorty (Alex Welch) joined the group and they lost the final against "Quest Crew". In 2011, BGirl Bonita (Bonita Lovett) was introduced as the newest member of the crew.


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