Romblon Triangle

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Romblon Triangle
Borders of the Romblon Triangle
Grouping Paranormal places
Country Philippines
Region Southern Tagalog
Status Urban legend

The Romblon Triangle is a region in the central seas of the Philippines which lies near the province of Romblon, where a number of surface vessels are alleged to have either mysteriously disappeared or fallen victim to disaster under unexplainable circumstances. Philippine Coast Guard believes that such disasters are due to natural phenomena like high tides, heavy typhoons among others; outcome of its navigational potentials and topographic features.

On the other hand, popular culture assumes paranormal tales which may intervene with the passing vessels.

Triangle area

The boundaries of the triangle covers the entire area of northern Romblon province, and its endpoint lies on Concepcion municipality, in-between of the Dos Hermanas islands (Isabel and Carlota islands) and Sibuyan Island.