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Sapna Vyas Patel (born 1989 or 1990), a daughter of Jay Narayan Vyas, Health Minister of state, for Gujarat, India[1] . She is famous for the weight reduction and she got more than 2 Lac visitor for her video in youtube and she got more than 75,000 followers in Facebook. She has helped over 5,000 people[citation needed] on Facebook without charging money. She is known for her philanthropic activities in the fitness field.[citation needed] She has appeared on various regional channels like Tv9, VtV, Gnews as well as on national channel P7 to share her views on fitness.[citation needed]

Sapna Vyas Patel is a doctoral student and a Reebok Certified Fitness Professional.[2] She is well known for her weight reduction of 33kgs in an year.[3] [4] [5]

Sapna Patel's interview and her weight losing techniques released in most of the Indian Magazines including different regional language newspapers.[6] [7][8] [9] She promotes healthy weight loss without any pills, surgery or crash dieting. [10]

She is a video blogger. She has made her weight loss video to motivate, inspire and help others - "This Girl Will Shock You !!" [11] Her video on How to lose Belly Fat with 3 Simple Habits is recently launched on YouTube. [12]

The summary of her tips on losing belly fat is: Visceral fat or Belly Fat is located in the abdominal cavity around our vital organs. To lead a long and healthy life we must lose the excess fat.

It can be reduced by taking diet rich in fiber and protein. Some sources are:

- Fruits – watermelon, orange, apple, banana, strawberries.

- Dry Fruits – Almond, Walnut

- Low fat diary products

- Sprouts

Regular exercise is equally important along with healthy eating.

Cardio exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics will help in reducing weight.Weight training will help to tone and develop muscle. Sleep at least for 7-8 hours for a flat stomach.

Our brain releases a hormone called Cortisol when we are in stressful situation; it encourages the body to store fat, especially the belly. To relax,

Do meditationListen to musicTalk your heart out with people you confide in For people who have a genetic tendency to store visceral fat,

Reduce the consumption of food that is high in sugar and saturated fatBecome more active and do targeted exercisesSince its in your heredity to store belly fat, it will require little more efforts to reduce it but it will definitely reduce with discipline. [13]

Her interview in a newspaper: WHAT PROMPTED YOU TO GET IN SHAPE? A few incidents motivated me to reduce weight: The gatekeeper stopped me from entering the 12th board examination hall thinking I was a parent. When I was 19, a customer at an ice cream parlour thought my three-year-old niece was my daughter. I would pick up the best garments, take them to the changing room and struggle to fit into them. I used to feel sad when I had to put them back. I had everything - good height, education, financial stability, family support, but something was still missing. My fitness and appearance were holding me back; it was like pushing the accelerator with the breaks on.

WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU DO, EXERCISE, MEDICATION, DIET? No medication, no surgeries, no treatments, no slimming centre. Just correct knowledge, discipline and commitment about diet and workout helped me lose weight. I successfully reduced weight without stretch marks, dark circles and other side effects. I focused on fat cutting as well as body sculpting. One hour of walking and tennis worked wonders in reducing weight.

WHAT WERE THE REACTIONS YOU FACED AFTER YOU GOT THAT FIGURE? My friends feel that if I could do it, they can do it too. I feel blessed to inspire them to follow a healthy lifestyle.

DO YOU FEEL MORE CONFIDENT OF YOURSELF NOW? Yes, I do. One becomes more polished through the hard work put in and confidence is a byproduct.

WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND? I am currently pursuing doctorate under the guidance of a professor at IIM-A. I have done MBA (full-time) from Nirma University and bachelors in psychology from St. Xavier's College. I am also a Reebok certified fitness professional. [14]

Her Diet and Food Tips:

- Don’t eat heavy dinner

- Consume various foods from all the food groups daily

- Consume food in every 2-3 hours but in small portion

- Always eat freshly made food

- Limit your sugar consumption

- Never go for crash dieting and starving

- Eat your food slowly and chew it properly

- Consume food as per your activity level

- Drink 5 liters of water daily

- Never eat too much at a time

- Avoid eating food after a long gap

- Stay away from processed foods and white poison such as sugar, butter, extra salt, maida, etc.

- If you feel like munching something, at that time do something to occupy your time

Her Tips for Rapid Weight Loss:

- Consume homemade food

- Adopt a healthy lifestyle

- Perform strength training exercises as they makes the muscles strong, decrease the risk of injury as well as increase flexibility, metabolism & endurance

- Have patience and prevent emotional eating

- Consume only Green Tea and Ginger tea

- Never eat meals at late night

- Limit the consumption of alcohol

- Avoid keeping wrong food in your home

- You can lose 4 kgs of weight every month

- Don’t stay up till late at night while on diet

- Stay away from highly sweetened foods

- Decrease smoking and then slowly quit

- Consume food only when you are hungry [15]

She believes,"Fitness is not confined to actors or models or trainers. We all need to stay fit. When we are fit it does bring positivity to our relations and enhances productivity in our work life." [16]

She has shared the diet, exercise, skin and hair care plans in her Facebook profile for free to help everyone who are trying to lose weight. [17]

She has a popular facebook profile on which she has put all the plans and tips, these are:

- Weight Loss Steps

- Weight Loss Formula

- Weight Loss Tips

- Initial Weight Loss – 1600 Calories Low Calorie Fat Diet Plan

- Fast Weight Loss – 1400 Calories Low Calorie Fat Diet Plan

- Body Toning – 1500 Calories Low Calorie Fat Diet Plan

- Body Sculpting – 2000 Calories High Protein Diet Plan

- Diet and Food TipsWorkout Action Plan

- Workout Plans

- Workout Tips

- Weight Loss Skin Care Plan

- Skin Care TipsHair Care Tips [18] [19]

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