Totoy Brown

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Totoy Brown
Totoy Brown wearing his legendary headset.
Born Totoy Brown
June16, 1995
Mallorca, San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija
Other names Totoy, Potoy, Albert Brownstein, Brownies.
Occupation Entertainer, philosopher, philanthropist, politician, gamer, mandirigma, etc.
Years active May 20, 2013 - Present
Spouse Neneng A-Z

Totoy Brown (Totoy means Little Boy) is a well-known entertainer from the Philippines, best known with his legendary headset. He has been well-known since his debut on Facebook and other social networks. As of now, he is the one of the most famous and trending entertainers on Facebook, particularly in the Philippines. His name scattered throughout the Philippine language. The Headset Master, etc. His name - "Totoy Brown" can also be used as titles for people who are significantly underachieving, and are procrastinating their way through the art of Computer Gaming. He is also a very viable source of insults.